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medium pressure lap

Medium Pressure UV (Ultraviolet) Lamps

Medium-pressure UV lamps are widely used in both industrial and municipal applications where high doses of UV-C light are required. These lamps have a polychromatic output, which targets specific organisms over a broad range of wavelengths.


High Output, Low-Pressure Amalgam UV Lamps

Low-pressure, high-output amalgam lamps are commonly used in water, air, and surface disinfection and are highly efficient with long service lifetimes. Ultravio’s amalgam lamps can be customized for specific working temperatures to deliver maximum operating efficiency.

low pressure

Low Pressure, Standard UV Lamps

Low-pressure UV disinfection lamps are popular for disinfecting water, air, and surfaces, especially in HVAC systems. Our lamps are highly efficient in terms of UV radiation yet consume low energy. We can customize our lamps to meet the specific needs of our customers.